OpenWorld 2015: 14 Continuous Delivery / DevOps recommended sessions OOW2014 participez

OpenWorld 2015: 14 Continuous Delivery / DevOps recommended sessions

OOW-logoWe can assume the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld / JavaOne  conference will be packed with Cloud themed sessions. When you’re using IaaS and PaaS the ability to rapidly create environments and configurations and automate deployments will be paramount for the effective and efficient usage of these platforms. Some organizations can afford to reap the benefits of a cloud only strategy. However, the majority is compelled to stay in a hybrid situation or use cloud for DEV/TEST and host their UAD/PROD environment on their own private PaaS.

Tooling for automated provisioning and deployment automation is very helpful and essential for using cloud infrastructure / platforms. Platforms are instantly available and infrastructure has become disposable after usage. Good continuous  delivery practices in  infrastructure / platform provisioning and application deployment realizes an enormous acceleration, consistency across the pipeline, repeatable platform processes, reliable deployments and in the end a shorter time to market for our customers.

There is still long road ahead for us, in the field of automated platform provisioning and application deployment. Oracle Enterprise Manager delivers some of the provisioning requirements and the Oracle Developer Cloud offer some deployment capabilities. At many Oracle users the automation is heavily relying on “Golden Images”,  home brew WLST, Perl, Python  Scripting and a combination of clever usage of generic tools like Puppet, Chef and Ansible. Maturing continuous delivery tools and processes is going to be an important subject for our customers in the upcoming years.

I am looking forward to discover innovative and structured solutions for Continuous Delivery at the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld / JavaOne conference. Below I listed some of the recommended sessions in this field. If you have additional tips, please add them as comments to this article. The ones marked with TIP are extra interesting.

NameSession  IDKeywordsDateTimeLocation
DevOps for Mobile in the Cloud[CON8660]Build, Deployment, Developer CloudThursday, Oct 2912:00p.mMoscone South—304
DevOps in Oracle’s Application PaaS for Java SE and Node Applications[HOL10448]NodeJS, Developer Cloud, Provisoning,DeploymentTuesday, Oct 27 8:45 a.m. Hotel Nikko—Mendocino I/II (2nd Floor)
Oracle DevOps for DummiesTip![UGF3963]Generic overviewSunday, Oct 25,10:00 a.m.Moscone South—254
Moving from On Premises to Oracle Java Cloud Service: A Cookbook Approach[CON8643]Deployment, MigrationWednesday, Oct 281:45 p.m.Park Central—Metropolitan III
DevOps for Oracle WebLogic ServerTip![CON8636]Different approaches to provisioningWednesday, Oct 28,12:15 p.m.Moscone South—302
Making Secure with Docker[CON8724]DockerWednesday, Oct 2811:00 a.m.Intercontinental—Intercontinental B (5th Floor)
Build and Deploy Portable Applications Using Docker and Oracle Linux[HOL10328]DockerWednesday, Oct 288:45 a.m.Hotel Nikko—Nikko Ballroom I (3rd Floor)
Running the Oracle SOA Suite Environment in a Docker Container[CON5065]DockerWednesday, Oct 283:00 p.m.Park Central—Metropolitan I
Java Developer Intro to Environment Management with Vagrant, Puppet, and DockerTip![BOF2817]Provisioning, platform build toolsWednesday, Oct 283:00 p.m.Park Central—Metropolitan I
Oracle Cloud Platform for Rapid Applications Development and Integration in the Cloud[CON9863]Oracle Developer Cloud, DeploymentTuesday, Oct 2712:15 p.m.Moscone South—302
Pirates of DevOps: On Continuous Delivery TidesTip![CON7676]JavaOne, General tips and tricksMonday, Oct 2611:00 a.m.Parc 55—Embarcadero
Being Productive with Maven, Java EE, and the Cloud[UGF10300] Maven, Build, Automation, JavaOneSunday, Oct 2511:00 a.m.Moscone South—310
Scalable Continuous Deployment with Maven[CON1890] Maven,Wednesday, Oct 283:00 p.m.Hilton—Imperial Ballroom A
Supercharge Your DevOps Automation Using Oracle Enterprise Manager’s CLI and REST APIs[CON9731]Provisononing CHEFThursday, Oct 291:15 p.m.Moscone South—300

If you have additional tips, please add them as comments to this article.

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