Christmas Masterclass Oracle SOA Suite 12c

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On Friday, December 19, AMIS organises a special XMas-terclass on SOA Suite 12.

SOA Suite 12c (June 2014) was a major release for Oracle’s flagship integration product. This release introduces new functionality, higher developer productivity, more robust run-time scalability and performance. 12c brings together development and administration of Service Bus and SOA composite applications, it ships new technology adapters as well as a SDK to develop custom adapters and provides across the stack support for REST-style services and JSON-format messages. New facilities were added to the stack, like Managed File Transfer and Enterprise Scheduling Services, and others better integrated, such as Oracle Event Processing and Business Activity Monitoring.

This masterclass, based on over a year’s beta program participation and extensive research and experimentation, deals with many of the essential topics for SOA Suite 12c. In one day, presenters Robert van Mölken and Lucas Jellema will discuss how SOA Suite 12c will change and enhance the way SOA projects develop services. They will show many live demonstrations of the tools in action – providing you concrete insight in new and improved features. At the end of this masterclass, attendees will know how SOA Suite 12c can benefit their organizations and how they can get started with building skills, migrating applications and using this new release properly.

Throughout the day, participants and presenters have enough opportunity to discuss real world experience and brainstorm on how to best make use of SOA Suite 12c in their organizations.

All demo code and slides will be made available. Participants will also receive a voucher for the Oracle SOA Suite 12c Handbook by Lucas Jellema (Oracle Press, Spring 2015).

The SOA Suite 12c Xmas-terclass is aimed at developers, solution architects and administrators with SOA Suite 11g experience.

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  1. Waldo Smeets (Adobe), Ik heb het artikel bekeken, interessante ontwikkeling! Consumerization zie ik als het gebruik van bekende webapplicaties (bijvoorbeeld MSN, Flickr, MySpace, GoogleEarth, etc) ten behoeve van bedrijfsmatig gebruik. Dat heeft ook op de IT-afdeling een grote impact. Ik kan niet helemaal opmaken uit het artikel of Apollo hiervoor de brug slaat. Dat zou bijzonder interessant zijn.

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