JavaOne 2014: Roadmaps for the near future of Java

Lucas Jellema

JavaOne 2014 is first of all a community gathering – with over 500 sessions that discuss Java related topics in tantalizing details. A meeting of minds, of kindred spirits etc. It is also the place where the roadmap for the near future of the various constituents of the Java platform […]

OTN article: Speedy Perception trumps Speed Reception – on Smart Asynchronous Interactions in multi layered architectures

Lucas Jellema

The Oracle Technology Network has just published my article on asynchronous interactions used in multi-layered architectures to free up resources and create at least the perception of speedy processing. This article describes how, by leveraging opportunities for asynchronous processing, at least the perceived responsiveness of our systems is likely to […]

14 augustus – gratis seminar Oracle ADF 12c, JDeveloper 12c en WebLogic 12c revealed

Saskia van der Maat

Dit is de zomer van de 12c-lanceringen. Na de database zijn sinds vorige week Oracle ADF 12c, Oracle JDeveloper 12c, en Oracle WebLogic 12c beschikbaar. Met zoveel nieuwe mogelijkheden dat AMIS op 14 augustus een gratis seminar organiseert waarin we de nieuwe versies introduceren, becommentariëren en vooral ook demonstreren. Maar […]

How to build an IM (XMPP) solution with Oracle APEX and Websockets


Using Kaazing Websocket Gateway and OpenFire Scenario: If you, for example, have a webshop and a webshop online support application for internal use, this solution will let the webshop customer call in some help by using IM. The support application will react on the customer call by opening the support application […]

Stand-alone Java Client for jWebSocket Server – communicating from Java Client to Web Clients and vice versa over WebSockets

Lucas Jellema

In a previous article, I have discussed the open source jWebSocket Server and a simple installation and configuration ( Subsequently, I have shown the implementation of a web client for a synchronized Slideshow application, where WebSocket communication is used to perform Client 2 Client push ( In a third article […]

Implementing a Java Server Side component for jWebSocket Server for WebSocket interaction with Web Clients

Lucas Jellema 4

In a previous post – – I discussed the implementation of the synchronized slideshow application using Web (HTML/JavaScript) clients and jWebSocket as websocket server. In an earlier article, I described the same for the Kaazing WebSocket server – – and both stories are (fortunately) fairly similar. In the […]

Push-based synchronized slideshow web application – implemented using WebSockets and jWebSocket server – the open source Java WebSocket server

Lucas Jellema 2

In a recent article, I have introduced jWebSocket – an open source Java based server for WebSocket communication: In this article, I have described how to download and install the jWebSocket server and how to get going with running some of the distributed samples. In another recent article, I […]

First steps with jWebSocket – open source Java framework for WebSockets – installation and running samples

Lucas Jellema 6

This month, In have been delving into Push architectures for the Web, looking into WebSockets among several other things. WebSockets, a fairly new standard (!) evolved along with HTML 5, specifies a communication protocol that provides an alternative to classic HTTP communication. WebSocket based interaction has lower overhead and – […]

Push-based synchronized slideshow web application – implemented using WebSockets and Kaazing WebSocket Gateway

Lucas Jellema 9

In the last few articles, I have discussed downloading, installing and running demos for a number of different tools, frameworks and libraries that support push-style (web) applications in one way or another. I have looked into ‘classic’ comet with Grizzly, Atmosphere and CometD as well as ADF Active Data Service […]