When Screen Scraping became API calling – Gathering Oracle OpenWorld 2017 Session Catalog with Node

Lucas Jellema

A dataset with all sessions of the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld 2017 conference is nice to have – for experiments and demonstrations with many technologies. The session catalog is exposed at a website – https://events.rainfocus.com/catalog/oracle/oow17/catalogoow17  With searching, filtering and scrolling, all available sessions can be inspected. If data is available in […]

Gathering data for demo projects – Data Visualization, Pattern Recognition and Data Analysis based on the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

Lucas Jellema 4

Having access to useful data to create demonstrations and sample applications can be quite a challenge. Demonstrating the power of data visualizations (for example with ADF DVT) or the capabilities of pattern recognition (such as through Oracle Database 12c Match_Recognize) requires a data set that allows for interesting manipulation and […]

Retrieve song lyrics in Java using Screenscraping with JSoup

Lucas Jellema

Last year I wrote about JSoup, a Java library that helps with screenscraping: Screenscraping from Java using jsoup – effective data gathering from websites (https://technology.amis.nl/blog/13121/screenscraping-from-java-using-jsoup-effective-data-gathering-from-websites). Last month I had another opportunity for using JSoup, this time to gather song lyrics for the songs on a CD. The context in this […]