ADF 11g: Carousel is not just for images – on carousels with panelbox, tabs, panelform and input components

Lucas Jellema 2

Following on the heels of Luc’s excellent post on the new ADF 11g carousel component – – is another article that shows off this visually attractive component, using it in a slightly different way. Even though the most logical application of the ADF 11gR1 PS1 carousel component is to […]

ADF 11g – reducing the price of richness or how to streamline downloading Javascript Resources for ADF 11g Rich Client components

Lucas Jellema 3

  When you run a ADF Faces 11g Rich Client components application, you (or rather your users) are hit with a substantial JavaScript download overhead. It is not surprising, given the richness of the component library. However, especially for internet applications targeted at external users – consumers, customers – it […]