Stand-alone Java Client for jWebSocket Server – communicating from Java Client to Web Clients and vice versa over WebSockets

Lucas Jellema

In a previous article, I have discussed the open source jWebSocket Server and a simple installation and configuration ( Subsequently, I have shown the implementation of a web client for a synchronized Slideshow application, where WebSocket communication is used to perform Client 2 Client push ( In a third article […]

Implementing a Java Server Side component for jWebSocket Server for WebSocket interaction with Web Clients

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In a previous post – – I discussed the implementation of the synchronized slideshow application using Web (HTML/JavaScript) clients and jWebSocket as websocket server. In an earlier article, I described the same for the Kaazing WebSocket server – – and both stories are (fortunately) fairly similar. In the […]

Push based synchronized Slideshow demo application implemented using CometD and jQuery running on Tomcat

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In a string of recent articles, I have discussed downloading, installing and running demos for a number of different tools, frameworks and libraries that support push-style (web) applications in one way or another. I have looked into ‘classic’ comet with Grizzly, Atmosphere and CometD as well as ADF Active Data […]