Case Study: A Case of Fusion Middleware

Lucas Jellema

The story of NOPERU – the National Organization for Permits for Emissions and Resource Usage – is an interesting one. Because it reveals the business drivers for embarking on a journey of modernization, enterprise architecture and application of SOA principles using Oracle Fusion Middleware. It also outlines a roadmap: which […]

The Future of Forms – presentations and other resources from the May 15th event at AMIS

Lucas Jellema 1

Tuesday May 15th, Nieuwegein – The Netherlands: During an intense day¬† and evening, close to 120 Forms developers and architects gathered for discussions, explorations and exchange of experience around the use of Oracle Forms and more importantly: the future of the current Forms applications, Forms-using organizations and Forms developers. Various […]

The Future of Forms is ….. Forms (and some friends) (UKOUG, 2011 – with Grant Ronald)

Lucas Jellema 2

Slides for the presentation I did with Grant Ronald during UKOUG 2011, last week in Birmingham. The abstract for this presentation: “Many organizations run enterprise Oracle Forms applications created in the 90s. They now wonder about the future of their application.This session tells how modernization of the application landscape could […]

OOW Presentation: Optimal Use of Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Database 11g for Modern Application Development

Lucas Jellema 2

I just completed my second presentation here at Oracle Open World. It discusses Application Development inside and with the Database, introducing and discussing quite a few trends, concepts, best practices and new or rediscovered database features. It was nice presentation to prepare and to present: fun stuff, useful too and […]