Leveraging HTML 5 Navigator API to show the browser's current location on an ADF Faces 11gR2 Thematic Map component

Lucas Jellema

This article demonstrates how, through a bit of JavaScript interacting with the HTML 5 Navigator API, some more JavaScript using the ADF Faces Rich Components API and the ADF Faces 11gR2 Thematic Map component, it becomes quite easy to not only learn about the end user’s physical location but to […]

Map Adventures with Google, Oracle and Spring

In summer 2000 I started in the Field Service development team of Oracle’s eBusiness Suite (http://www.oracle.com/applications/service/srvonl_cont.html). The web form Dispatch Center contains four Java applets. One of them is a map. This map displays the location of the customers and the current position of the field service engineers who synchronize […]