Oracle SQL – Finding free adjacent seats in an airplane, using Subquery Factoring, Analytical Functions (LISTAGG and LEAD), Outer Join, PIVOT and good old INSTR

Lucas Jellema 1

Using Oracle SQL to resolve meaningful and slightly less serious challenges is one of my favorite (semi-)professional pastimes. In the last two weeks, I have been presenting on various topics including Oracle SQL to audiences in six cities all across India as part of the OTN Yathra 2013. These presentations […]

Producing simple Pie Chart straight out of the Oracle Database – leveraging dbms_epg, CANVAS, LISTAGG and some JavaScript

Lucas Jellema

Once upon a time, I had something of a reputation for creating Charts in SQL. Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Gantt Charts and several other unlikely chart types, all created with SQL. And all presented on the one stage SQL has: SQL*Plus. See for example such riveting articles like, […]