JavaOne 2014: Roadmaps for the near future of Java

Lucas Jellema

JavaOne 2014 is first of all a community gathering – with over 500 sessions that discuss Java related topics in tantalizing details. A meeting of minds, of kindred spirits etc. It is also the place where the roadmap for the near future of the various constituents of the Java platform […]

Uitnodiging: Kom kennismaken met AMIS

Robbrecht van Amerongen

Hierbij nodigen we je uit om met ons kennis te komen maken. Ben jij een (junior) Oracle consultant die een stap verder wil maken? Wil je verder groeien en ontwikkelen tot principal consultant? AMIS geeft je de kans om die stap te zetten. ┬áBij ons krijg je de ruimte om […]

Supporting multiple languages in ADF applications backed by resource bundles – and programmatically controlling the JSF locale

Lucas Jellema 1

Any web application contains boiler plate text: text that is not part of the enterprise data from web services or databases that is manipulated by the end users using the application but that is part of the application definition itself. Text that is shown as prompt, title, message, hint text […]

Tour de France 2011 – Analysis using ADF DVT Graphs – Part 3 – Distance, Speed and Withdrawals with Pareto, Combination, Stock Chart (High/Low) and Bubble Chart

Lucas Jellema 1

Another article on analyzing and visualizing the results from the Tour de France 2011 using the ADF DVT components. This article uses the same set of data already discussed in several previous articles – including the standings per stage as well as the overall standings after each stage. This article […]

How to run into and resolve EL PropertyNotFound exception and propertyNotReadable in JSF with private inner class

Lucas Jellema 1

The other day on one of the projects I am involved with, we ran into an unexpected exception, from an innocent looking EL expression: javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: … value=”Book #{book.title}”: Missing Resource in EL implementation: ???propertyNotReadable??? We did nothing very special, or so we thought: simple JSF page that contains an iterator […]

Leveraging Spring Beans in ADF Faces applications and using the Spring PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer bean to dynamically configure bean properties from external files

Lucas Jellema 1

The Spring Framework is omnipresent in the world of Java applications. Many developers, teams and organizations make use of Spring for various reasons, such as its persistency support, the AOP features, the MVC framework or the remoting options or the security facilities. Underlying all of these is the bean container, […]

Configure JDeveloper 11g to work with Spring 2.5 and AOP

Lucas Jellema 1

In a recent article I described the interaction between JavaServer Faces (1.2) and Spring Framework (2.5.x): I created a JDeveloper 11g web application that I ran on the integrated WebLogic Server 11g (10..3.2). In this article I will explain the configuration steps I had to go through for making […]