Generic Docker container image for running and dynamically reloading an Oracle JET application from a Git repository

Lucas Jellema

This article introduces a Docker Container Image that runs an Oracle JET application from a Git repository and is capable of dynamic reload of that application when the repository contents get updated. The container image sources are on GitHub in repository It has been pushed to Docker Hub as […]

Node.js run from GitHub in Generic Docker Container backed by Dockerized Redis Cache

Lucas Jellema

In a previous article I talked about a generic Docker Container Image that can be used to run any Node.js application directly from GitHub or some other Git instance by feeding the Git repo url as Docker run parameter (see In this article, I create a simple Node.js application […]

Preparing your environment for modern open source Java libraries and frameworks using Git and Maven, throwing in Tomcat as a bonus

Lucas Jellema 2

In my investigations into jWebWSockets, Kaazing, Atmosphere, CometD 2 and other frameworks I came to understand that in order to get these frameworks installed, integrate them into my custom applications or run the samples to go with these products, it would be convenient if not essential to have an environment […]