ADF Performance Monitor: Support for EJB/JPA (EclipseLink)

Frank Houweling

Not all Oracle ADF projects are built with ADF Business Components (ADF BC). Some organizations prefer to use EJB/JPA (EclipseLink) instead of ADF BC. The EclipseLink JPA provides developers with a standards based Object-Relational persistence solution. The application still reflects the Model-View-Controller architecture. In this case the model is provided by […]

Using JPA to persist the Tour de France Java Object Graph to relational database tables

Lucas Jellema 1

In a recent article – – I described how I retrieved the statistics for recent Tour de France editions from the official Tour de France website from my Java program and constructed an Java Object Graph for the data on stages, riders and rankings. In this article, I will […]

TopLink 11g is available for download

Lucas Jellema

I just found that at OTN’s TopLink page the announcement is already published that was expected later today: TopLink 11g is available. Note that TopLink 11g is based on EclipseLink – an open source product under the Eclipse Foundation. All functionality of TopLink 11g is available in the open source […]