ADF: Cloning personalizations between users – read and write MDS Customization documents

Lucas Jellema 1

In a recent post I wrote how wonderful the ADF support for user level customizations or personalizations is, and then I went on to explain how the user can be enabled to remove her own personalizations ( This article a sequel to that story. It will introduce the capability for […]

Uitnodiging: Kom kennismaken met AMIS

Robbrecht van Amerongen

Hierbij nodigen we je uit om met ons kennis te komen maken. Ben jij een (junior) Oracle consultant die een stap verder wil maken? Wil je verder groeien en ontwikkelen tot principal consultant? AMIS geeft je de kans om die stap te zetten. ┬áBij ons krijg je de ruimte om […]

Creating reusable ADF Library with generic live resource bundle editing functionality and reusing it in any ADF application

Lucas Jellema 1

In previous articles, I have introduced functionality to centralize management of boilerplate text elements such as prompt, title, hint text and messages in resource bundles. This also allows for language or user group and other context sensitive values for these boilerplate text elements. The resource bundles, as was demonstrated, can […]

WebCenter 11gR1 PS3 – Design Time at Run Time with a Vengeance – introducing run time Data Controls and Data Visualizations

Lucas Jellema 3

The concept of design time @ run time that empowers application administrators and even end users to influence the application after it has been deployed has been gaining traction over the last few years. Bit by bit, run time customization facilities have made their way into Fusion Middleware. In the […]