AMIS Masterclass Advanced SQL – scherp je SQL skills in een pittige en praktijkgerichte dag – maandag 10 december

Lucas Jellema

Of je nu ‘klassieke’ Oracle applicaties ontwikkelt, met APEX bezig bent, een SOA landschap inricht of een Java/JEE (bijvoorbeeld ADF) applicatie bouwt: het fundament van veel van wat je doet is de database. En de crux van optimaal gebruik van de database is en blijft SQL. Dit bepaalt performance en […]

Oracle 11gR2 – alternative for CONNECT_BY_ISLEAF function for Recursive Subquery Factoring (dedicated to Anton)

Lucas Jellema 5

On our blog, we have been discussing the new hierarchical query functionality in Oracle Database 11g Release 2, using Recursive Suquery Factoring. Instead of using CONNECT BY and its close associates such as START WITH, PRIOR, LEVEL and more exotic comrades like SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH, CONNECT_BY_ROOT and NOCYCLE this release gave us […]

Introduction to Analytical Functions – Use of Analytics as alternative for Simple Aggregations

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I will attempt to introduce analytical functions in a step-by-step manner. A first step into Analytical country could be the following, starting from a very simple aggregation query, exploring several types of aggregations that are increasingly complex and increasingly impossible to implement without analytics (at least in a efficient, performant […]