after 27+ years in Oracle land I am forced to patch sqlplus

When starting to use sqlplus 12.2 I noticed that my SQL prompt was not changing to what login.sql told it to be. This did not happen in sqlplus 12.1 or lower versions.
Maybe this is a bug, maybe a new feature I thought. Behaviour in 12.2 of sqlplus indeed has changed according to documentation: sqlplus 12.2 no longer looks in local directory (i.e. where you start sqlplus) for a login.sql file to run but only looks for .sql files in directories indicated by environment variables (SQLPATH for Windows and ORACLE_PATH on Linux). However, even when setting these environment variables to the proper values sqlplus still did not run my login.sql automatically. Ok, then I’ll create an SR with Oracle Support. They confirmed that this odd behaviour indeed is a bug and that a patch is available for sqlplus: PATCH:25804573. So now finally I have a reason to patch sqlplus!

2 thoughts on “after 27+ years in Oracle land I am forced to patch sqlplus

  1. After patch 25804573, login.sql ran automatically when using /nolog switch, but not when connecting to a database. I needed to add login.sql to my glogin.sql as a work-around. Now, login.sql runs twice when using /nolog.

  2. Thanks, Andre – this was driving me insane! Worked like a charm.

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