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6 surprising things you can do with Google search

Next the normal Google search you can use this search box for a lot more things. This search box is often the first place where you type when you want something done. Below I list 6 examples of how Google search can help you much quicker to answer a bit more complex questions.

Set a timer for a specific number of minutes.

I am often in need of a countdown timer for a specific exercise or workshop. Project it on the wall. Just type in Google “set a timer for 14 minutes” Or a specific time when you want the timer to go off like “set a timer for 9:25”. And when you are done you get a decent beeping sound.

use google search to set a timer

Time zone converter

I am always struggling with time zones when making international appointments. Is it earlier or later? Do they use daylight saving time or not? This command makes it really easy. Just type the time you want to meet and the city you want it to covert to. So “11 am Amsterdam in Brisbane time” shows me that my friend down under just finished his evening diner and is ready to talk with me.

use google search to convert timezones

Convert Imperial to Metric system

I do not know who invented the imperial system but it is good we have solution to this. I always want to convert inch to proper centimeters or gallon to proper liters. Google has the solution. Just enter whatever format you have and the desired format. Like “12 inch to centimeters” or “3 gallon to liter” and you are back to the familiar world.

use google search to convert metrics

Create an appointment

We all have a Google calendar. And we do not use it because it is complicated to get appointments in this calendar. By using the google search bar you can easily add appointments in your calendar. Just enter the appointment you want.

use google search to create an appointment

Calculate distance or time

I am addicted to driving. I love to drive long distances. And want to know when I will be there. No need to start google maps. Just type whatever you want to travel that day and google will tell you when will arrive. Just have a look at this example.

use google search to calculate distance

Find flight departure and arrival information

Now this is an easy one. But many people are looking for the correct departure and arrival times for their flights. By just entering the flight number you get the accurate planned flight time and the planned flight time. Just have a look at this example.

use google search to check flight information

There are may more things you can do with Goolge search. These were my favorites. Please share yours as comments on this post.