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Mind Mapping

Recently, in a meeting with some of my collegues I realized that there are many way to take notes, add priorities and relations etc. etc. One of them used the mindmapping technique and the commercial tool MindManager to achieve this. I was quite impressed. Although the result is a rather simple ‘image’, it’s another way to look at information which can be quite refreshing and informative.
I found an open source equivalent, FreeMind, with the same functionality. It’s written in java and runs on many platforms; it can export to multiple formats like png, (X)HTML, pdf etc. and it can even import Mindmapper maps. I guess it will become part my standard toolset.
Check out the screenshots on the FreeMind site. By the way, I just discovered that FreeMind can run as an applet, thus providing a good mechanism for sharing your mindmaps.


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