Struts-Layout tag library 1.1 released

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Quoting straight from The Server Side: Struts-Layout is a tag library for Struts which provides skinnable tags that display panels, input fields, form modes,tables, pagers, treeviews, sortable lists, popups, calendars, etc. Struts-Layout 1.1 adds AJAX suggest, modifiable datagrid, and a number of improvements.

The aim of the tags is for the developer to have neither need to write nor even know HTML. Struts-Layout is a four years old project. For those who don’t want to switch from Struts to JSF, it is a good companion.

A free eclipse plugin, with preview, validation and quick fix, will be soon available.Struts-Layout tag library 1.1 released

Note: Struts-Layout is not part of the Struts project at Apache.

See the Struts-Layout homepage. Find some tutorials on Struts-Layout tutorial

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