Scaling: who needs EJB anyway


In this nice OnJava article Amir Shevat shows a way to scale an application in a near painless and lightweight manner using the OS MantaRay messaging middleware package.
Interesting how this compares to EJB or Webservices (and WSIF) – when deployed to fix the scaling problem -, by keeping the ‘S’ in KISS.
The first one, that is.

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JHeadstart 10.1.2 for ADF can be downloaded from OTN

Since late Tuesday, the new JHeadstart 10.1.2 release for ADF features on the Homepage of OTN! The full software package can de downloaded from the JHeadstart Home on OTN for evaluation and trial purposes. Anyoe interested in developing Java/J2EE Web applications based on industry standards , should be interested, particularly […]
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