Oracle Open World 2010 presentation: Forms2Future: the ongoing journey into the future for Oracle based organizations

Lucas Jellema

Many organizations around the world have adopted Oracle technology for developing custom applications. Over the past two decades, they may have used PL/SQL, Reports, Forms, Designer, Portal or the Web PL/SQL Toolkit. Many of these organizations have come to face new challenges: more agility or functionality, new user groups or channels or more efficient maintenance. Or they fear getting stuck in the past, running out of support or qualified and motivated resources. What is the right way to approach the future? What mix of tools, how and when to adopt which new technology, how to build a business case? This session recounts various more and less successful warstories of organizations that embarked on a journey into the future.

Peter and I today did our session together about the road to the future for organization that heavily us Oracle software. It was a good session with a lot of interesting questions. It is quite clear to me how much confusion there is, how many organizations are struggling with defining their future plans. How many people hear mixed messages from for example Oracle sales people. And how they simply would like to get a clear, untainted and unbiased picture of what the options (and reasons) for making future oriented moves. This presentation for many attendees proved a valuable step in that direction. We would like to continue these conversations!

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