OOW 2009: Castle in the Clouds: SaaS-Enabling Oracle ADF Faces Applications

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It will be my last presentation at Oracle Open World 2009 – how to turn any ADF application into a SaaS application – an application suitable for deployment ‘on the cloud – available to users from different organizations’. One of my statements is that most if not all applications benefit from applying those same SaaS concepts. It makes applications running within the walls of an enterprise more agile, more manageable, better suited to the specific needs of individual users and user groups and easier to integrate in the IT landscape of the enterprise, both at the services level (SOA, ESB) and at the user interface level (Portlet). The presentation will discuss a number of facilities and characteristics that are desirable in SaaS applications as well as other Web Applications.

If you are interested in attending and watching the live demos, please come to the session: S307483 Castle in the Clouds: SaaS-Enabling Oracle ADF Faces Applications (Wednesday 14th October, Time: 11:45 – 12:45, Marriott Hotel, Salon 3).

The abstract for this session: Software as a service (SaaS) applications serve users in many organizations from a single application instance running in a cloud. Common SaaS requirements are customization such as hiding and adding fields, managing boilerplate text, and influencing look and feel and a service API for retrieving and manipulating data and enabling registration of listeners (applications outside the cloud that are notified by the SaaS application of events). Deep-link navigation into the SaaS application enables visual integration with local apps. This session’s speakers share their best practices, having developed three rich Oracle ADF Faces RC SaaS apps, with demos of the customization, using Meta Data Services (MDS) and the SOA interface across the cloud.

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