New tutorial on OTN (by Steve Muench) - Building J2EE Applications with Oracle JHeadstart for ADF html

New tutorial on OTN (by Steve Muench) – Building J2EE Applications with Oracle JHeadstart for ADF

Steve Muench, ADF Master from Oracle, created a tutorial for using JHeadstart to jumpstart ADF development. Building J2EE Applications with Oracle JHeadstart for ADF
It is good to see how much he was impressed with JHeadstart 10.1.2 when he attended the JHeadstart workshop several weeks ago. Apparently, he is causing quite a stir within Oracle Product Development (primarily his own ADF team) about all of JHeadstart’s capabilities. We are long term JHeadstart users at AMIS, currently running two ADF and JHeadstart projects and getting very good field experience. We will be posting more on our experiences as well.

Steve’s tutorial is quite interesting, especially where he talks about the shuttle, customzing the generation templates, make field react to live change (by specifying the primaryClientAction) and apply custom skins to achieve your own look and feel. His section on adding a conditionally dependent field, where he shows how you bind UIX properties to DataControls, just by using the IDE, is very instructive – I was not aware of that.

His own introduction:

By following this tutorial, you’ll experience first-hand how Oracle JHeadstart turbo-charges your developer productivity for Oracle ADF-based web applications. You will build an attractive, consistent, interactive, and skinnable web application with browse, search, insert, update, and delete functionality against six related database tables from the Oracle HR sample schema. Your application will feature single- and multi-row editing, page-by-page scrolling, master/detail handling, dropdown lists, a pop-up LOV, a shuttle picker, and a tree control. Since no Java coding is required to implement the tutorial, even developers with minimal Java skills can follow along. This is possible because Oracle ADF-powered J2EE applications only require custom code to add application-specific business logic or to augment default framework behavior.

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