JHeadstart Sighting: Steve Muench's Column in Oracle Magazine – Frameworks: Creating Search Pages

Lucas Jellema

Swinging in the sun, enjoying one of this Summer’s last great days perhaps, I was reading the September/October issue of Oracle Magazine. One the interesting pieces this issue was the column by Steve Muench, Developer: Frameworks. As usual it was devoted to ADF, this time to the creation of Find pages using Oracle ADF Business Components query-by-example functionality along with drag and drop UIX page composition.Frameworks: Creating Search Pages

Near the end, after having shown how you can create a search and find page manually, adding some niceties along the way, Steve mentions:

If this quick glimpse of Oracle ADF search page basics has piqued your interest, I recommend following the “Building J2EE Applications with Oracle JHeadstart for ADF” tutorial. In this tutorial, you will see a number of additional kinds of Oracle ADF search pages that the Oracle JHeadstart Application Generator can generate to save you precious development time.

He is of course exactly right: anything he shows in this column you can do by hand with ADF, you can have JHeadstart generate for you. And much more. The results page does not have to be read-only. You can easily add sortable headings to the columns. You predefine search-operators for each of the search-fields. It is piece of cake to add lists of allowable values to search fields, both static lists and dynamic, database driven lists. And much more.

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