JDeveloper, not just for development…

Alex Nuijten 2

When you startup JDeveloper, default it gives you a “Tip of the day”. I always enjoy reading these tips and I would like to share this one with you: JDeveloper Tip

2 thoughts on “JDeveloper, not just for development…

  1. The Tips shown at startup are located in the file tip.jar in the directory [jdeveloper10_1_3_HOME]\jdev\doc\studio_doc\ohj. The tip encountered by Alex is file tip_microwave.html in this jar-file.

    It would seem you can add your own tips by creating additional html documents in this jar-file, and registering them in the f1_ti_map.smp file in the jar-file. If you can sneak in some tips in here, I am sure you can delight all your colleagues!

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