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Today I attended an excellent online Oracle Seminar on the BPEL Process Manager by Sandor Nieuwenhuijs. I think most of the content is covered by a previous post by Lucas. Still there were some very noteworthy points.

First of all a beta version of the BPEL Process Manager plugin for JDeveloper will be available in about a months time. Sandor actually showed us a sneak preview of a pre beta version JDeveloper plugin. It looks really exciting. Not only does it have alt the features present in the Eclipse version, but it additionally includes the Adapter Service Wizard. With this wizard you can configure WSIF adaptors for a great number of services, such as File, Database, Java, EJB , PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and the likes. Another cool feature is the Transformation mapper. A slick, feature rich visual tool to design XSLT transformation of one XML into another XML document.
Another advantage of the JDeveloper plugin is that is 100% java and not Internet Explorer dependent.
The JDeveloper plugin does not signal the end of the Eclipse plugin. Oracle will still support and develop it. It’s not said however that they will have the exact same features.

On the positioning with other oracle tools Sandor stated the following.

ProcessConnect and BPEL PM will be merged into one product in the future. Oracle will develop InterConnect indepently from the BPEL PM , but it will strive to use the BPEL standard.
Oracle Workflow will mainly be used for the OracleApplications suite.

An interesting talk on a tool with great promise

Sandor Nieuwenhuijs kindly granted us permission to put his presentation on our blog

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  1. Leon,

    Very clear summary. Is the presentation by any chance archived online for later access?


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