JDeveloper and Subversion automate everything

JDeveloper and Subversion

I am happy to see that a subversion extension is available for JDeveloper (10.1.3). Although it is still an early access version, it seems to work properly. Currently it relies on an installed subversion client, hopefully it will be build in into JDeveloper in the future.

Use the update manager to install the extension. Then follow the instructions as described in the JDeveloper Help Center. It involves the following steps (on windows):

1 – install a subversionclient form http://subversion.tigris.org

2 – install a Java helper library. Two options are available, but the subversion one is advised. Download it from the subversion site and place the dll in the subversion bin directory

3 – (re)start JDeveloper

4 – Check the installation in the preferences -> Versioning -> Subversion.

Unfortunately, this didn’t work for me so I installed the JavaSVN library from http://tmate.org/svn/ in the JDev subversion extension directory.
When I selected subversion as versioning system I received a few errors and warnings, but the installation seems to be succesfull.
A new view (SVN navigator) is now available to define the subversion repositories.
This version supports most basic functions like update, commit, remove, version history, import and little icons to show the status, and it also supports refactoring like renaming and moving. Although these functions suffice most of the time, I am looking forward to the implementation of the other subversion features.