JavaOne 2006 has started - get the hand-outs for the presentations now html

JavaOne 2006 has started – get the hand-outs for the presentations now

Even when you are not in San Fransisco right now, JavaOne2006 will be on your mind somehow. Or if it is not, as a Java Developer it probably should be. Ever wonder why they call it JavaOne while last year’s conference would more aptly have been called JavaFive? This year a more logical name perhaps would be JaveEE5 – as JEE5 is without a doubt the most applicable tag for the whole event. EJB 3.0 Persistence, java Server Faces, WebServices (REST) will be among the hottest topics.

While the presentations still have to start (in a few hours time), many of them are already available for download. So you have chance to see them before the speaker has even uttered his first word. To download the PDF documents with this year’s JavaOne presentations, go to: The JavaOne Session Catalog Tool. You can search by author, topic, track and type of presentation. When the download starts, you have to provide a username and password; these are:

User Name: contentbuilder
Password: doc789


Some tid-bits

One quite useful presentation I just scanned is TS-4743 XML: The Evolution of JAXP to be downloaded at : XML: The Evolution of Javaâ„¢
API for XML Processing by Rahul Srivastava (Oracle). A very helpful overview of Java’s XML processing APIs.

Another good one: RESTful Web Services With Javaâ„¢ API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS) by Marc Hadley (Sun Microsystems):

Beyond JUnit:Introducing TestNG The Next Generation in Testing by Hani Suleiman: (also see:

The SOA Programming Model Rob High, Jr. – IBM & Ed Cobb – BEA:


Simplifying Enterprise Development with Scripting – Guillaume Laforge and Tim Gleason /Tugdual Grail: : Learn how scripting can increase your productivity and help you build and test
solutions faster on the Javaâ„¢ Platform, Enterprise Edition


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