Import (non Eclipse-based) project from CVS into Eclipse javacode 9085791

Import (non Eclipse-based) project from CVS into Eclipse

This post describes how to import a (non-Eclipse) based project from CVS into Eclipse.

For plain Java projects

  1. Right-click on the module you want to check out and choose “Check out As”.
  2. Make sure that “Check out as project configured using the new project wizard” is selected in the pop-up window and push the “Next” button. Warning: not checking out a module/project using a project wizard will leave you with a project without a Java builder.
  3. Choose your release (Head in most cases) and push the “Finish” button
  4. You will be presented with a screen to choose a project Wizard. If you have a plain Java project, choose “Java Project”.
  5. After pressing the “Next” button once more, give your project a name, preferrably the same name as the CVS module you are checking out
  6. In the next window, leave everything as is, and click “Finish”. The project will be imported from CVS.

For web applications (.war)

In case you have a web-application, things are much easier, if you have the Lomboz and/or Tomcat plug-ins installed. In that case, you choose the “Tomcat project” or “Lomboz J2ee project” options in step 4. This saves you quite some effort in setting up the right classpath and deployment facilities!


  1. Sreenivasa October 28, 2004
  2. Zeger Hendrikse July 28, 2004