Google Desktop Search - no more agonizing searches for lost documents javacode 9085791

Google Desktop Search – no more agonizing searches for lost documents

This weekend I installed the Google Desktop Search tool. It is currently in Beta, it is free, about 400K in size and can be downloaded from After you have downloaded and installed (within a minute) it starts scanning the files on your harddisk: Word, Excel and Powerpoint, HTML, text files such as Java and Outlook Mail. You can interupt this indexing process at any time – it will automatically resume when there is Idle Cpu time available.

As soon as the indexing has started, you can start searching for documents. It is Google as you know it – but running locally against local data!

And it is FAST. I have never liked the Windows Explorer Search – slow and never able to return exactly what I was looking for. With Google I find my documents within seconds, from my emails to my Office documents and even the webpages I have visited in the past (yes, it also indexes the webpages from my browser’s cache!).

I have never been one for hardware gadgets or software goodies and I have certainly never before written about one in this weblog. But I really would like to recommend this Google Desktop Search!


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