Google api

Like many others, Google provides access to some of it’s services by means of webservices. Just follow the instructions at the Google web api’s site:

  • download the developer’s kit
  • create an account and get a licence key
  • create a program

The developer’s kit contains a wsdl, webservice client libraries and some code examples for .NET and java.

For java, all you need to do is:

GoogleSearch search = new GoogleSearch();
try {
    search.setQueryString("sql pathetic");
    GoogleSearchResult googleResults = search.doSearch();
} catch (GoogleSearchFault f){}

3 thoughts on “Google api

  1. Hey. I am new to using Oracle BPEL Engine. How can I integrate Google APIs into a bpel process to search for an item, let say an ISBN number of a book from Nobles or Amazon. Hope to hear from you. Thanx.

  2. Try at orablogs themselves.
    Orablogs contains a ranking already (on the left side of the orablogs page)

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