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Eclipse 3.0

After a promising start, getting me all enthousiastic about the new features described in the “what’s new” document, Eclipse 3.0 got to a grinding halt when i tried to create a simple helloworld class. It was extremely slow, even getting to the point that it wasn’t workable anymore. Switched back to 2.1 for now, but will try it out again later, maybe on a different machine.

Just as a teaser, two of the new features mentioned:
– “Copying or cutting Java code also captures information about which import declarations are needed by the copied code. The needed imports are now added automatically when the code is pasted.”
– “Select a constructor declaration or call in the Java editor and choose Refactoring > Introduce Factory. A static factory method is created that calls the now-private constructor, and all calls to the given constructor are replaced with calls to the new factory method.”

Update: tried it out again, on the same machine (without rebooting in between), and it seemed a lot faster. Not as fast as 2.1, but now it at least seems workable. Still, when rightmouseclicking (is that a word? it is now ) the project, package or classes in order to get to the relevant contextmenu, the menu popped up a bit slow though.