CSS editor in JDeveloper html

CSS editor in JDeveloper

Last year I spent a lot of time on a project using Eclipse as IDE. I like it very much. I allways call it a real developers tool. It works intuitiveally, has great features ( refactoring is much better supported ). As java IDE I ‘ve found JDeveloper lagging. Well if I read the signs right JDeveloper’s upcoming release will make up some ground

Recently I’ve been working with JDeveloper 10g a bit more (researching ADF). I was very pleasantly surprised with the CSS editor. It has code insight/completion (comes very handy when pondering questions like “was it align-right or right-align?”. And also it has a color picker making it very eay to choose a color for attributes that take a color.

Another thing when working in the JSP editor was the awareness when working in an image tag. when i type the src attribute JDeveloper automatically starts a file dialog allowing you to pick a file from the filesystem

They seem trivial, but sometimes it is these small things which make a tool really enjoyable


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