Changing the colors of a bar chart in JFreeChart – Does it really have to be this much work?

The default colors of the first two bars in a bar chart are red and blue. We created a chart for a customer, but he wanted red and green bars. Changing that color takes about five minutes, I thought. But when I tried it, it took me way more time.

First of all I think that JFreeChart should rename itself to JNotSoFreeChart, when I look for documentation I only see this : “> Click here to BUY the JFreeChart Developer Guide <“. Of course it’s great that we can use JFreeChart for free, but at least provide a little bit of documentation and write a book that people can buy in a store. AMIS wil definitely buy that book.

I hooked up the debugger to our chart drawing class and found out that the colors come from an object that implements the DrawingSupplier interface. I can’t find a way to create such an object, so I had to create one myself.
As we can see in the javadoc of DrawingSupplier we have to implement 5 methods. For a simple bar chart the outline, outline stroke, shape and stroke will always be the same, so we can use static fields for these objects.

My implementation of DrawingSupplier:

public class AmisDrawingSupplier implements DrawingSupplier {

    private static Stroke stroke = new BasicStroke();
    private static Shape shape = new Rectangle2D.Double();
    private int cursor = 0;
    private List<Color> colorList;

    public LocatusDrawingSupplier(List<Color> colorList) {
        this.colorList = colorList;

    public Paint getNextPaint() {
        if (colorList == null || colorList.size() == 0) {
            return Color.RED; //return red on empty or no list

        Color returnColor=colorList.get(cursor);


        //wrap cursor when all items in the list are traversed
        if (cursor >= colorList.size()) {
            cursor = 0;

        return returnColor;

    public Paint getNextOutlinePaint() { return Color.BLACK; }
    public Stroke getNextStroke() { return stroke; }
    public Stroke getNextOutlineStroke() { return stroke; }
    public Shape getNextShape() { return shape; }

I decided to give my DrawingSupplier a list with colors, when you prefer an array or random colors that’s also fine.

The final step is hooking up the DrawingSupplier to your chart:

JFreeChart chart = ... create chart here ...
List<Color> colorList = .. create list with colors here ...
CategoryPlot cp = chart.getCategoryPlot();
DrawingSupplier ds = new AmisDrawing

And here the final result:

Changing the colors of a bar chart in JFreeChart - Does it really have to be this much work? jfreechart color


Well, that wasn’t to difficult wasn’t it?, it’s only too much work for such a simple thing.
Maybe I overlooked something, but I’m afraid this is the easiest way to change the color of a bar.


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