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Bizgres 0.7 Released – Open Source platform for Business Intelligence and ETL

I just read in a Dutch IT magazine (Computable) about the release of Bizgres 0.7. Bizgres is an open source project:

The Bizgres Project (, a Greenplum-sponsored, community-supported, open source project with the goal of building a complete platform for Business Intelligence (BI) exclusively from free software, announced today new open source upgrades to the PostgreSQL source code with the release of Bizgres 0.7. Bizgres 0.7 is a significant leap forward in terms of making PostgreSQL more usable for BI and data warehousing, and several of its features have been submitted for inclusion in the upcoming 8.1 release of PostgreSQL.

JasperReports and KETL, the extract, transform and load (ETL) technology from Kinetic Networks are now integrated with Bizgres. Developers can now access a tightly integrated, end-to-end software stack capable of supporting all aspects of enterprise-class BI reporting. JasperSoft, Kinetic Networks and Greenplum have jointly developed a clickstream reporting application to showcase the capabilities of the new platform and provide a base from which developers can get started on new applications. The new application, Bizgres Clickstream, automates the process of processing log files, populating the warehouse, and producing out of the box reports on web site activity and usage.

PostgreSQL is the collective work of hundreds of developers, building on almost 20 years of development, which started at the University of California at Berkeley. With its long-time support of an enterprise-level feature set including transactions, functions, triggers, and sub-queries, PostgreSQL is being used by many of today’s most demanding businesses and government agencies. PostgreSQL is distributed under a BSD license, which allows use and distribution without fees for both commercial and non-commercial applications. To find out more about PostgreSQL or to download it, please visit the home page at

Jasper Reports of course is well established (see also a post by Gregory on our weblog: Starting with JasperReports). KTEL from Kinetic Networks is virtually unknown. Googling for it only results in hits for the press release about Bizgres. The website of Kinetic Networks does not give any information about KTEL either. It is a bit mysterious. All the same, this Click STream Analysis solution may be worth checking out, as proof of the pudding perhaps.

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