Better Faster Lighter Java

Hans Rabouw 1

This probably is one of the best books (on Java that is ;)) I’ve read in years.
The book addresses the growing complexity Java designers & Developers face these days, by sticking to 5 simple principles:

  • Keep It simple
  • Do one thing and do it well; i.e focus your code on a particular task
  • Strive for Transparency
  • You are what you eat
  • Allow for extension

Next they show how 2 open source frameworks use these principles: Hibernate & Spring…

I’m not even halfway through but I like what I read; the writers show some real common sense. For example, check the sample chapter on OReilly’s site: “Do one thing and do it well” to get an impression.

One thought on “Better Faster Lighter Java

  1. Oh dear, what an experience, finally a Java book that is not knocking me to sleep within reading the first 20 pages.

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