Apache Geronimo 1.0-M5 Released : Certified J2EE 1.4 Server

Lucas Jellema

At some point during the last year I had gotten the impression that Geronimo was dead. It had missed its scheduled release date – and no new date or planning was given. It all seemed to fade away. Now I come across this announcement: the 1.0M5 milestone of Geronimo has been J2EE 1.4 certified. All of a sudden, it is a very serious Application Server. J2EE 1.4 – that is the most advanced or actual level where you can be with J(2)EE 5 still being developed. So it seems like a very serious alternative to JBoss. Also see the discussion on The Server Side – .

Significant Changes Since the M4 Release

* Official J2EE 1.4 Certification
* Complete Tomcat integration
* Configuration of ports, hosts, and most other attributes without rebuilding the server
* Developer preview of web management console

Apache Geronimo Home: Apache Geronimo – Apache Geronimo From the About Page:

The [WWW] Apache Software Foundation has initiated a project to develop an open-source, [WWW] Apache-licensed, implementation of the [WWW] J2EE specification. In addition, the project is committed to certifying the implementation as [WWW] J2EE compliant. This is an ambitious goal and will present a formidable challenge for the people involved, given the wide range of technologies covered by the specification.

Apache Geronimo builds upon the many [WWW] Java projects at the Apache Software Foundation. In addition, the project is bringing together members of the [WWW] ActiveMQ, [WWW] Castor, [WWW] MX4J, [WWW] OpenEJB and [WWW] ServiceMix communities. We would like to extend an open invitation to everyone involved in the J2EE space, both commercial entities and talented individuals, to join the community and build a world-class J2EE implementation.

The Apache Software Foundation is in a unique position to build a J2EE compliant platform. Our non-profit, charity status, and our relationship with [WWW] Sun Microsystems, provides the foundation with access to the J2EE TCKs, making it possible to achieve certification. In addition, our flexible and unrestrictive licensing makes it possible for a wide variety of participants to assist in the development of Apache Geronimo, and to build their own solutions upon the platform.

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