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Gitpod workspace for instant Dapr explorations

I have prepared a Gitpod wokspace definition that allows me to start a fresh development environment with the latest release of Dapr ( installed as well as supporting containers that provide state store (Redis, MySQL) and Pub/Sub (Redis) capabilities. This environment is a perfect starting point for trying out Dapr, running Dapr tutorials and combining Dapr with different technologies. You can start it with a single button click in the GitHub repository or by navigating to this Gitpod url.

The Gitpod workspace is illustrated below: on top of the Gitpod base image – that provides among other things Ubuntu, VS Code, Node and Docker – the workspace comes with Dapr CLI and running containers with MySQL, Redis, Zipkin and Dapr proper.image

Once the workspace opens and starts – which may take up 25 to 50 seconds the first time you start yours – it will look like shown below. The README document is open in the editor – with instructions and descriptions and a suggestion for trying out Dapr and adding MySQL as a statestore.



Dapr Gitpod workspace repository:

Direct link to opening your own Dapr Gitpod Worksapce:

Dapr home page:

This environment has Dapr installed – both the Dapr CLI based on [these instructions and also the Dapr Sidecar binaries (as locally running Docker Containers for Dapr, Redis and Zipkin) – according to [the instructions provided here

Also: follow the instructions in this document – Getting Started with the Dapr API – . Subsequently – or even before that – feel free to get going with the Quickstarts

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