Solving connection problems using virtualBox:"SOA&BPM Development VM"

Jaime Conejo Verheijden

A few weeks ago I had to work with a virtual box by oracle with a pre installed Database (xe) and weblogic to do some BPM Studio work. After the default installation I expected to just start the Virtual machine, start the weblogic server and enjoying the advantages of having everything installed properly…

Not exactly because I could not get the right connection established and on the virtual machine I could not get the Weblogic Server started. If you encounter the same type of problem here is my solution that worked for me and perhaps as well for you. Hoping this will speed up things and to concentrate more on the BPM stuff then actually fixing the bugs on the VM Boxes J.

I downloaded the following:

  • Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager: 4.1.4
  • Windows 7 64bit laptop with 8GB memory.

Followed by the extension pack and the pre built developer VM with the “SOA & BPM Development VM”

I imported the appliance accepting the default settings. When starting the virtual box it cannot connect through its network:

Starting the weblogic server would automatically failed as well because of the missing network connection(s).

In order to fix this I had to create a bridge in the adapter settings of the virtual box manager. Here is the default setting of the adapter:

I changed the standard connection in one Host-only adapter:

And added a second adapter using the Centrino wireless device and set the connection as “network bridge adapter”:

As  I started the virtual machine he found the connection by using this bridging network adapter:

Back to my computer I checked the connection through a webbrowser:

I hope this will ease the pain of having connection errors with standard virtual boxes and don’t know how to handle these.

Jaime Conejo

Senior Business Consultant BPM

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