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Remove Deploy Target from JDeveloper

When you use JDeveloper and deploy a project from JDeveloper to a server, JDeveloper remembers this, so you can easily deploy to it again. You can do this by right-clicking on the project and choose for Deploy and then the numbered deploy target of your choice (or from menubar -> Build -> Deploy -> deploy target). But how to remove such a deploy target if you don’t want to use it any more?

Take for example the screenshot below where you notice two deploy targets, “1… to SOADev” and “2… to SOAAcc”.
JDeveloper Deploy Targets
Suppose I want to remove the “2… to SOAAcc”, from the list.
Unfortunately removing the server connection “SOAAcc” in JDeveloper didn’t remove it from the list of deploy targets in the projects. And I can not find any other way of removing it in JDeveloper itself.

So I scanned for files with “SOAAcc” in it and turns out that they are configured in user cached project files. On my Windows laptop these files are located in folder C:\Users\[username>]\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\system12.\o.ide\projects.
You will find a cached project file for each project in JDeveloper, at least the ones that have a deploy target.
They have the same name as the project, followed by a hash and also with extension .jpr, in my case it is named “OtmTripExecution602704b7.jpr”. This file turns out to be an XML file and in there there are two “hash” elements for “SOAAcc”, see screenshot below. Removing them both removes the target in JDeveloper (be sure JDeveloper is closed when you do this).
Remove Deploy Target XML

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