APEX 5.0 Early Adopter

Patrick Barel

The long awaited Early Adopter installation is finally available at http://apexea.oracle.com. You can request a workspace here to play around with the new version. I have just been playing around with it for about an hour an from what I’ve seen it’s a big change to what we’re used to since APEX 4.

Not only has the look an feel changed to flat ApplicationBuilder  ApplicationBuilder, but I think the biggest visible change is the new application builder. Where APEX 4.0 introduced the treeview builder, which was a big change from the component view we were used to before 4.0. I liked the treeview a lot better after just using it a little while. Now APEX 5.0 gives us an all new Page Designer. The interface looks a lot like the interfaces you will find in the current IDE’s like JDeveloper etc.

It takes a bit of searching to find everything I used in APEX 4 but I think I will get used to the new interface very soon and I will probably start wondering how I could have ever lived without it soon enough.

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