ADF Performance Monitor: Customer Case Video video customer case

ADF Performance Monitor: Customer Case Video

The ADF Performance Monitor is designed for measuring, analyzing, tuning, and checking the performance of Oracle ADF applications. The monitor can track and collect crucial (production) performance information of the application’s runtime ADF components that are not standard provided by Oracle. It helps development, QA, and operation teams to detect, analyze and resolve common and less common issues in response times and resource usage of ADF applications.

Recently an overview video, a whitepaper and a blog on its ADF BC memory analyzer was published. This blog publishes a customer case video of the Dutch Ministry of Justice.

Customer case video (4 minutes)

This video shows how the ADF Performance Monitor helped the Dutch Ministry of Justice to solve their performance problems. The primary information system for the Dutch judiciary is replaced with a new system based on Oracle ADF. Some facts about this project:

  • Very large ADF application (1000+ ViewObjects, 15+ ApplicationModules)
  • 15+ developers
  • 5000+ end-users
  • 100+ concurrent requests
  • production environment: 4 Weblogic nodes with each 16 GB JVM memory`
  • Frequently response times over 20 seconds
  • Many times long running JVM garbage collections over 60 seconds


More information

You can get more information on the ADF Performance Monitor website at A one month trial version is available on demand here.