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Oracle WebTier multiple OHS instances

It´s possible to map your Oracle WebTier environment to multiple servers that host applications like ADF, SOA Suite or UCM

This is the way how to do it:

To connect your WebTier to multiple WebLogic domains, create multiple OHS instances              

1.  Create the needed OHS instances: UCM, OSB, SOA & ADF

Set the ORACLE_HOME to your WebTier home (like /oracle/product/weblogic/Middleware/Oracle_WT)


-       Click Next 

-       Only configure Oracle HTTP Server 

-      Fill in the name for the instance direcry and instance  like wt_<purpose>_<product>( wt_dev_osb1) 

-       Choose Auto port Configuration

-       Uncheck email 

-       Click Configure 

-       Do the same for for all your environments you want to route through WebTier

-       Then configure per instance the mod_wl_ohs configuratie 

-      Start each create OHS instance ( don´t forget to set the ORACLE_INSTANCE variable, like export ORACLE_INSTANCE=$ORACLE_HOME/instances/wt_ont_ucm1

2.  Configure the mod_wl_ohs.conf per instance. Here´s an example for UCM. For OSB, SOA Suite you will need to create other mappings ofcourse

Example: UCM

# NOTE : This is a template to configure mod_weblogic. 

LoadModule weblogic_module   “${ORACLE_HOME}/ohs/modules/” 

# This empty block is needed to save mod_wl related configuration from EM to this file when changes are made at the Base Virtual Host Level

<IfModule weblogic_module>

#      WebLogicHost <WEBLOGIC_HOST>

#      WebLogicPort <WEBLOGIC_PORT>

#      Debug ON

#      WLLogFile /tmp/weblogic.log

#      MatchExpression *.jsp



# <Location /weblogic>

#      SetHandler weblogic-handler

#      PathTrim /weblogic

#      ErrorPage  http:/WEBLOGIC_HOME:WEBLOGIC_PORT/

#  </Location>


                <Location /cs>

                    SetHandler weblogic-handler

                    WebLogicHost <target WebLogic host>

                    WebLogicPort <portnumber>(for UCM it is 16200)

                    WLCookieName IDCCS_SESSIONID


                 <Location /_dav>

                    SetHandler weblogic-handler

                    WebLogicHost <target WebLogic host>

                   WebLogicPort 16200           

                    WLCookieName IDCCS_SESSIONID


Restart OHS for each instance separate : $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/restartproc process-type=ohs ( set the correct instance each time)

Now you can try and test.

Environment Test URL WebTier
UCM http://<webtier_host>:7777/cs
OSB http://<webtier_host>:7777/sbconsole
SOA http://<webtier_host>:7779/soa-infra
ADF http://<webtier_host>:7780/



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