SOA Suite 12c: Where to find Service Bus Pipeline Alerts (in Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control)

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In SOA Suite 12c, the Service Bus console no longer exists. The Service Bus specific run time browser interface is not intended for administration activities: all administration around SOA Suite 12c is consolidated into Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. So a valid question now becomes: how to locate pipeline alerts produced in 12c Service Bus run time environments? These are of course to be found in EM FMW Control. But where and how exactly?

Let’s start with a very simple 12c Service Bus project. This project – was first introduced in an earlier article.


The pipeline receives a fairly simple request message, performs an XQuery transformation on the contents of the $body and returns the result.

Configuring Pipeline Alerts

Create a new Alert Destination – to later on send the alerts to:


Set the name for Alert Destination then press Finish:


Configure the Alert Destination – ensure that Alert Logging is on (this means that alerts are save to the operational Service Bus infrastructure data store):


Open the Pipeline editor. Add an Alert activity to the Request pipeline:


Configure the Alert activity as shown here:


Most important is the link to the Alert Destination.

The next step is to run the pipeline or the proxy service. In both instances, the service is deployed to the Service Bus run time engine in the Integrated WLS.

Pipeline Alerts at Run-time

In the Enterprise Manager FMW Control, the Pipelines Alerts can be inspected in the home page for the Service Bus node (that takes the place of the Operations tab in the 11g Service Bus Console). The first tab provides an overview of various types of (recent and aggregate) information.


The second tab provides details on recent as well as not so recent Alerts. On this tab can selected alerts also be purged.


When you click on the alert summary link, a pop up appears with the alert details:


On the home page for the Service Bus Project can we check the services in the project.


We can  switch to the Operations tab get a more detailed overview per operation of what operational settings have been made. On this page, the pipeline needs to have Pipeline Alerts enabled in order for pipeline alerts to be produced from it:


By clicking on an operation (service, pipeline, split join), we can drill down to the next detail page where largely the same information is presented and can be manipulated.


If we enable monitoring, the Service Bus will start to collect aggregate information about the number of messages, errors, alerts etc. This information can be reviewed on the Dashboard tab for the Pipeline:


Clearly we have made some additional test calls to the service – already six alerts have been counted!

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  1. Hi Lucas
    The ServiceBus console still exists in 12c, however it does not play an important role any moret for operationial activities, just for creating resources. Also to note that all is still in a transition phase where things that are intended to work with Fusion Middleware Console, for now only work in ServiceBus Console such as import and export actions. Those are available in both but in 12.1.3 only worked in SB Console for me

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