SOA Suite 12c: Where to find Service Bus Message Reports (in Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control)

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In SOA Suite 12c, the Service Bus console no longer exists. The Service Bus specific run time browser interface is not intended for administration activities: all administration around SOA Suite 12c is consolidated into Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. So a valid question now becomes: where to find the message reports produced by Service Bus projects? These are of course to be found in EM FMW Control. But where and how exactly?

Let’s start with a very simple 12c Service Bus project. This project – was first introduced in an earlier article.


The pipeline receives a fairly simple request message, performs an XQuery transformation on the contents of the $body and returns the result.

Message Reports

If we open the pipeline editor, we can easily add an activity to produce a message report:


Edit the Message Report:


Report the Person element in the request message – using lastName as the label for the [only] key and the Person’s LastName as the key value.

Run the Pipeline – or the Proxy Service – and pass in some test data:


and execute.

Login to EM FMW Control.


Expand the SOA node.

Click on the Service Bus node. Open the dropdown menu at the top of the page. Select the option Message Reports:


The Message Reports overview page is shown. Define your search criteria and press Search. The message reports fitting your criteria are shown:


Click on the individual message’s key (Report Index) to drill down to more details:


This detail page describes the context of the message report, all its report indexes (keys) and also provides access to the complete message content

2 thoughts on “SOA Suite 12c: Where to find Service Bus Message Reports (in Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control)

  1. Hey Lucas…This is awesome tutorial related to Reports. But, I’ve one question here… I’ve tried to use the reports and reports were generated. But all the reports have logging time as 12 AM. In one of the screenshots that you have provided in the article, Message details screen shot has logging time as 12 AM where as Weblogic server time is 3 PM CEST. Can you help me in understanding why the logging time is always 12 AM?

    1. Hey Lucas. Same problem than RAMU. All the reports have logging time as 12 AM, we don’t find the conf for that, can you help me?? Ok your message is old but….

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