SOA Suite 12c: Property window for inspecting and editing BPEL activities

Lucas Jellema

Before release 12c, editing activities in a BPEL process was done in the wizard that could be activated by double clicking the activity or by selecting edit from the context menu on an activity. Alternatively, a developer could resort to the BPEL process source file to make changes to the definition of activities.

In 12c, the property inspector has been extended to also support editing the properties of BPEL activities. When the property inspector window is available, it will synchronize with the currently selected activity in the BPEL editor.

The property inspector is opened using the top menu action: Windows | Properties.


When we select a BPEL activity in the BPEL editor, the inspector recognizes the activity and adjusts its appearance to the properties defined for the activity:


Note: you can drag and drop any window in JDeveloper to a new location.

When a scope is selected, the property inspector will show the details for the scope, including its variables and catch activities. When the BPEL process as a whole is selected, the property inspector recognizes that too:


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