SOA Suite 12c: Getting started in 30 minutes

Tim Askamp 18

This blog will get you started with the Oracle SOA Suite 12C. We will install the SOA Suite, create a Hello World BPEL project, deploy it on the integrated weblogic server and test it with the http analyzer.

The first step is downloading the SOA Suite from OTN. Enter your Oracle Technology Network account, if you don’t have one you’ll need to create an account. Download the zip file to a temporary folder, in my case C:/TEMP.


While the file is being downloaded it is time to check upon your Java Development Kit version, a fairly recent JDK is needed before you can actually install the SOA Suite (for example I’m using 1.7.0_15). Check if you meet this prerequisite, if not install one. After this check if you have JAVA_HOME environment variable pointing to the JDK, if not create one.


When the SOA Suite has finished downloading unzip it. Open a command prompt as an administrator.


In the command prompt navigate to your temporary folder where you unzipped the download. Run the following command: %JAVA_HOME%\bin\java -jar fmw_12.

Follow the installation wizard. During the installation you’ll need to enter a Oracle Home, this is the location where JDeveloper will be installed. In the end of the wizard click install. The installation will take a while. After the installation is finished click on finish. JDeveloper will be started automatically.


The next step is configuring and starting the integrated weblogic server, this prevents having to wait for it later. After JDeveloper has started click on Window and then Application Servers. This will open the application servers view.


The first time you start the integrated server you need to create a domain, by right clicking on the IntegratedWebLogicServer and then Create Default Domain.


Enter a password for the weblogic user in the prompt, accept all other defaults.


Creating this domain will take a while. So for now let’s start creating the first process. Go back to Applications and click on New Application…


We want to create a SOA Applicaton. In the creation wizard enter a name for the application and project. Accept the defaults Standard Composite and Empty Composite, but do note the interesting Template and Subprocess options. The result should be something like the screenshot on the right.


Create a bpel process by dragging it from the components view on the right to the middle of the composite in the components column. Enter a name for the process and for the template select the Synchronous BPEL Process. Accept all the defaults, yes finally a default bpel 2.0 process.


After finishing this wizard you should see something like the below image.


Double click on the BPEL process so you can start editing it. Drag an assign, from the components view on the right, between the receiveInput and replyOutput.


Double click on the assign. Select and drag the input (inputVariable) to the result (outputVariable).


Start editing the from expression, by right clicking on the from expression and choosing the Edit ‘from’ expression.


If you’ve accepted the defaults so far, it would be enough to replace the expression with something like this: concat(“Hello “, $inputVariable.payload/client:input)


Click on OK on both prompts. Now we are going to deploy the HelloWorld service to the integrated server. Right click on the project (in my case HelloWorld). Hover over Deploy and click on HelloWorld… During the deployment make sure Deploy to Application Server is selected and click on next. In the next screen check the box for Overwrite any existing composites with the same revision ID. This is not needed at the moment, but if you want to redeploy this project you can use the same deployment profile.


In the next screen make sure the IntegratedWebLogicServer is selected.


Click next and accept all the defaults on the next screen by clicking finish. After the deployment has finished go the Application Servers window. Go to HelloWorld process by following the path IntegratedWebLogicServer >> SOA >> DefaultServer >> default >>HelloWorld [Default 1.0]. Right click on helloworld_client_ep and on the prompt click on Test Web Service.


The http analyzer starts. Enter your name in the input and click on Send Request.


This concludes this blog about getting started with the SOA Suite 12c. Finding out what actually happened on the SOA Suite server when you ran the above test will be part of another blog named SOA Enterprise Manager which will follow shortly.

18 thoughts on “SOA Suite 12c: Getting started in 30 minutes

  1. Will this Quick start version of SOA suite have ADF support also so that we can test out few integrations from ADF page to SOA composite etc

  2. Is jdk 1.8.0_45 compatible with 12c? Asking this because while lauching quick start, I get the error message “This installer must be executed using a Java Development Kit (JDK) but C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_45 is not a valid JDK.”


    1. you must run the instalation using JDK not JRE, change your JAVA_HOME or copy the instalation packages to jdk directory, that worked for me

  3. Hello Tim, thanks for this information. I’m getting response “The selected message is not a SOAP message”

    1. This error happens because when We begin to create the project, we must select in “Template: ” “Synchronous BPEL Process”.

  4. Hi,

    I am getting the below error while deploying the composite in Jdevloper and EM console.

    There was an error deploying the composite on soa_server1: access denied (“oracle.fabric.permission.CompositePermission” “default” “provision”): access denied (“oracle.fabric.permission.CompositePermission” “default” “provision”)…

    Error Log Message:


      1. Hi Vivek,

        Thanks for your solution..

        After implementing the above solution again i am getting the below exception while deploying.

        Error while loading process.
        The process domain is encountering the following errors while loading the process “HelloChakraBPELProcess” (composite “default/******!1.0*soa_723ca067-d3ea-4c48-a5f5-f2561ea8da94”): Could not initialize class
        This error contained an exception thrown by the underlying process loader module.
        Check the exception trace in the log (with logging level set to debug mode). If there is a patch installed on the server, verify that the bpelcClasspath domain property includes the patch classes.

        at com.collaxa.cube.engine.deployment.DeploymentManager.deployProcess(
        at com.collaxa.cube.engine.deployment.DeploymentManager.deployComponent(
        at com.collaxa.cube.ejb.impl.CubeServerManagerBean._deployOrLoadComponent(
        at com.collaxa.cube.ejb.impl.CubeServerManagerBean.deployComponent(
        at com.collaxa.cube.ejb.impl.bpel.BPELServerManagerBean.deployComponent(
        Truncated. see log file for complete stacktrace
        <Sending back error message: There was an error deploying the composite on soa_server1: Deployment Failed: Error
        occurred during deployment of component: BPELProcess to service engine: implementation.bpel, for composite: : ORABPEL-05215


  5. I am getting below error when trying to deploy simple bpel to server.

    There was an error deploying the composite on DefaultServer: access denied (“oracle.fabric.permission.CompositePermission” “default” “provision”): access denied (“oracle.fabric.permission.CompositePermission” “default” “provision”).

    Do you have any idea on it ?

  6. Tim, I’m getting response “The selected message is not a SOAP message”

    1. This error happens because when We begin to create the project, we must select in “Template: ” “Synchronous BPEL Process”.

  7. Hello Tim, Thanks for such a great post. I am trying to setup 12c in my local and installed Jdev 12.3.1 but while looking for SOA extension, I dont see that in update section or on web. Could you please tell me how you got this extension.

      1. Thanks, its working for me now.I initially thought its working same way as 11g where we have to install SOA extension on JDEV.

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