Humantask Assignment in Oracle BPM Suite and SOA Suite Oracle JDeveloper 11g Release 1 taskAssignmentApplication

Humantask Assignment in Oracle BPM Suite and SOA Suite

This blog post is the starting point of a series of posts about humantask assignment. From here you can find references to all kind of humantask assignments blogs, articles and examples. You can download example projects, and are encourage to supply additional content and improvements.

Humantasks can be assigned to an individual user, a group of users and to a role. Oracle BPM Suite and SOA Suite offer many different ways to assign these humantasks to a respresentative. For example it is possible to use references to lane participants, organizational structures like job-level and supervisory, business rules and external routing components.

The remaining of this starting blog consists of a list with references and backlog topics. The content of this list is periodically updated. All topics are strictly related to humantask assignment.

Humantask Assignment

Task assignment topics

lane participants

by names and expressions

Approval groups

Job Level

  • value based
  • Rule-based


  • Rule-based


  • value based
  • Rule-based

Parametric roles

Management Chain

  • value based
  • Rule-based

Rule base


  • Single
  • Parallel
  • Serial
  • FYI

Route tasks to all participants, in order specified

Use Advanced Rules

Use external routing


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