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Got lost in several locations of Oracle installations?

Ever wondered what to find in which directoy, in for example an Oracle SOA Suite 11g installation? (patchset 2)

Well, here´s the general rule:

– The toplevel layer –> Called the Middleware home; toplevel of all components, usually something like /app/oracle/weblogic/Middleware (or make your own choice)

– The WebLogic Server layer–> Location of typical WebLogic binaries, scripts, configurations, NodeManager. Would be Middleware home/wlserver_10.3

– The Oracle management layer –> Oracle general components like Enterprise manager, ADF runtime libaries, usually called oracle_common

– The Oracle product layer –> Oracle product specific components like BPEL, Mediator, OSB. Usually called Oracle_<name_of_product>

The WebLogic Domain specific files end up in a directory called user_projects/domains, normaly one level beyond the Middleware home. Feel free to change these locations in more reasonable ones,like:

– one filesystem for your domain configuration

– one filesystem for your server and applicationlogfiles

– one filesystem for you software binaries


  1. Michel Schildmeijer December 22, 2010
  2. Atul Kumar December 3, 2010