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BPM Suite 12c: Quick Start installation – 20 minutes and good to go

Yesterday, Oracle released BPM Suite 12c. Just like SOA Suite 12c – released the day before – this release comes with the quick start option: to quickly start going through development and test iterations, the development environment (JDeveloper + BPM Studio) is now equipped with an Integrated WLS that contains the BPM Suite 12c run time engine. All one needs to not only develop but also to run a BPM process is packaged in a single environment that is installed from a single file (well, a single ZIP file that contains two jar files). It takes no longer than 20 minutes to have your first process up and running.

I will tell you how to do that – on Windows in this case. (the documentation on the installation process is also quite clear – see http://docs.oracle.com/middleware/1213/jdev/install/install.htm#CHDIDICH)

1. Go to OTN (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/bpm/downloads/index.html) and download the BPM Suite 12.1.3 installation file (3.8 GB)


2. Once downloaded


You have two extract the two JAR files from this archive – for example to your TEMP directory


3. Locate the Java Run Time Environment on your machine

you need to have a recent Java 7 Run Time environment to run the installer


4. Open a command line AS ADMINISTRATOR


and run the installer using this line (adapted for your environment obviously):

“D:\Program Files\jdk7_25\bin\java” -jar fmw_12.


5. Installer kick off


It will ask a couple of questions – such as the destination folder to install into


And it will provide an overview of what it intends to do (in addition to taking over close to 3.8 GB of disk space):


Press Install to get it all going.

The installation commences – taking several minutes:


Before completing:


Press (Next and) Finish.

6. Running JDeveloper

JDeveloper will start. It will show two dialogs:


Press OK.



Press No (or Yes if you have a previous JDeveloper installation and want to import the preferences you applied in that installation).

Now JDeveloper proper will open:


7. Prepare the Integrated Run Time environment

Before we can start deploying BPM processes (and SOA composites or even Web applications) we have to initialize the Integrated WebLogic Server. Open the Run menu and select Start Server Instance


A dialog appears where you have to provide some properties for the Integrated WLS. Specify the password for the administration user (weblogic1 seems a popular choice these days).


Press OK. JDeveloper will start creating and appropriately extending the WebLogic Server Domain:

It took a little bit longer on my laptop than anticipated. Maybe go look for a faster laptop…


The Integrated WLS can now accept BPM applications – as well as SOA Composites and Service Bus projects.

Creating a BPM process starts with a new Application created in the New Gallery:


Good luck!


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