Trying out Project Fn handson - using only your browser image 62

Trying out Project Fn handson – using only your browser

imageProject Fn is an open source framework for creating and running serverless functions. Project Fn produces a Docker container image for each function. This container has a runtime (for example for Java, Go, Python, Node) and a minimal handler to handle an HTTP request and turn it into a call to the function. To handle function invocations, Docker container instances need to be started – this is done by Fn. When writing the code to implement the function, we do not need to be aware of this layout. The FDK wrapper hands our Node function or Java method one or more parameters from which we can take what we need in terms of input.

Project Fn is the foundation under the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure serverless Functions offering.

I have created a Katacoda scenario to give Fn functions a try. This scenario provides you with a cloud based environment and step by step instructions for creating your first functions. Using nothing more than a browser, you can see functions in action with Fn.